5 Memorable Manly Gifts for Father’s Day


It happens every year, children and wives scramble to the last minute in a frustrated frantic. They cannot figure out what to give that man in their lives that goes by the title Dad. He doesn’t get excited about those birthday ties he gets every year. He has plenty of new socks from the past four Christmases. The Father’s Day shoppers almost wash their hands of the whole attempt out of pure frustration. Fear not, for here are 5 Manly gifts that are sure to make an impression over all others.


1. A Killer Pocket Knife


Ever since Rambo and Crocodile Dundee hit the Big screen, men have always been drawn to those sharp shinny things. These knives make us men feel like we possess the perfect tool to defend the homestead from murderous invaders or hunt for food when we are stranded on a desert island. A good knife has a story or two. Where it was acquired, what jobs it has performed and all the various times it was misplaced and left behind.

2. Ammunition


As a man that owns firearms and thoroughly enjoys shooting them, He can never have enough ammo, especially target ammo. Having plenty of target ammo is a must for any firearms enthusiast. Dad will be more than happy to go out and blast up a box or two of ammunition out of his favorite gun in celebration of his  birth. What Man doesn’t like shooting guns, especially if he didn’t pay for the ammo. This is a great go to if you are lost on Father’s Day.


3. Hunting Supplies


Those Hunting Dads are always preparing for that that next hunting season, whether they let on to it or not. They are thinking about what they have and what they need. The necessities for next season can start to get expensive and any little help managing the purchasing of such tools and supplies helps. Besides the gear he has, every hunter is looking for that new slight edge that could land him that great trophy. New cool toys are fun to give a try and see if this is “the one” that makes all the difference.


4. Fishing Gear


Of all the sporting activities Dads are involved in, fishing has the most potential for assisting with fulfilling Dads wants and needs. Fishing supplies are diverse and all the giver must know is what types of fish Dad is going after and where will the fishing be done. This is the minimum amount of information to deliver an Amazing gift on Father’s Day. No fisherman in the history of Fishing has ever had enough rods, reels, baits or supplies in his arsenal. He can always use more, much, much more. He knows that fishing is as much about finding out what the fish are biting on as the weather while fishing, therefore a variety of lures and bait goes a long way to set Dad up for success.


5. Guns, Guns, Guns


Nothing will make a Father’s Day more Special than receiving a much-desired gun from his children. All his guns have a story. They tell how he got them, when he got them and why he got them. Firearms hold a close place in Dad’s heart. He has his favorite gun to target shoot, his favorite to hunt with and his favorite just because there are memories attached to it. Guns have a history and when they started as a gift from a loved one, they can be more valuable than gold. This is by far the greatest on our list and should be purchased with serious thought, because he will most likely own it until the day he dies. There are not many gifts that have that influence.


As Father’s Day approaches, take the time to give this list some thoughtful consideration. Father’s Day should not be a time of doubt and frustration to express to the most influential man in your life how he is appreciated and loved. If you follow these simple suggestions, you are guaranteed to blow all past Father’s Days out of the water and have your Dad already looking forward to the next one.